Fred Zaal

KIT Sustainable Development

Senior advisor

+31 (0)20 568 8710

Fred Zaal, is a geographer with more than 20 years of experience in rural development research and advisory work in Africa. His expertise includes rural marketing systems, focusing on both arable and livestock value chains, and their impact on rural livelihoods.


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  • Scaling up local and community driven development (LCDD) (2009)
  • Documenting best practices and lessons learned (2009)
  • What can rural local governments contribute to private sector development? (2008)
  • En quoi les collectivités territoriales rurales peuvent-elles contribuer au développement du secteur privé? (2008)
  • Accroître les ressources financières des communes (2008)
  • Genre et planification communale (2007)
  • Démystifier la planification (2006)
  • Bulletin 371 – Les premiers pas des communes au Bénin (2005)
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  • Soutenir la mise en oeuvre de la décentralisation en milieu rurale au Mali (2003)
  • Towards integrated soil fertility management in Tanzania (2002)


  • Rural economic development of the Koulikoro region
  • Support programme for decentralization and good governance in Madagascar
  • Support programme for institutional and capacity development (SPICAD)
  • Local government development planning in Guinea
  • Second phase of the national programme for participatory government in Cameroon
  • Documenting experiences with resource mobilization by local governments in West Africa
  • Guidance note on governing natural resources and the environment in Africa
  • Course on rural decentralization and local governance
  • Improving local government transaparency and accountability in Francophone Africa (LOGTAFA)
  • Decentralisation and governance in Mali 2006-2007
  • Design and pilot of the Guinea Conflict Assessment Management toolkit
  • Community Driven Development Toolbox, Training of trainers
  • Design consultancy – phase II (knowledge transfer)