Laurens van Veldhuizen

Senior advisor

+31 (0)20 5688418

Laurens van Veldhuizen (MSc) is a rural innovation specialist focusing on strengthening of agricultural extension and research by developing and promoting interactive and participatory approaches, mechanisms and institutions. Creation of effective interaction between various stakeholder groups, governments and NGO/CBOs is central to most of his work. He has (co-) published a number of books on above topics, including a trainers’ guide. He is an experienced trainer and facilitator of interactive workshops with extensive experience in South and South-East Asia, Africa and parts of Central Asia.



  • Creating a PTD toolbox. ILEIA Newsletter 7-3 (1991)
  • Networking for Sustainable Agriculture. GATE 92-4 (1992).
  • Linking with farmers: Networking for LEISA (1993)
  • Farmers’ research in practice: Lessons from the field (1997)
  • Developing Technology with farmers: a trainer’s guide for participatory learning (1997)
  • Participatory Technology Development: challenges for institutional integration (2001)
  • Advancing PTD: case studies on integration into agricultural research, extension and education (2003)
  • Making local governance a reality: A manual for district facilitators managing participatory planning for development (2004)
  • Farmer-centered innovation development: experiences and challenges from South Asia (2005)
  • Facilitating Multi-stakeholder Partnerships: Lessons from Prolinnova (2006)
  • Providing farmers with direct access to innovation funds (2011)
  • Follow the innovation: participatory testing and adaptation of agricultural innovations in Uzbekistan: guidelines for researchers and practitioners (2011)
  • Farmer-led Documentation: Learning from Prolinnova Experiences (2012)
  • Supporting farmer-led irrigation development: guide to Participatory Irrigated Agriculture Development – lessons from the Messica Irrigation Pilot Project (2014).
  • Study on impacts of farmer-led research supported by civil society organizations (2014).
  • Assessing the institutionalisation of Participatory Innovation Development: a tool (2016).
  • Small-scale farmers’ perspectives on what enhances capacity to innovate (2016)