Remco Mur

Senior advisor

+31 (0) 20 568 8507

Remco Mur (MSc) is a tropical agriculturist with a specialisation in rural innovation processes and agricultural service delivery and a strong focus on organisational capacity building and knowledge management. He has 15 years of professional experience, and has worked for a wide variety of international organisations, both government and non-government, in various countries. He has skills in facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes, participatory approaches, action research, process design, and training.


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  • Mid Term Review of the Global Forum of Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS)
  • Piloting Innovation Systems Approaches in Maize programs and projects (CIMMYT World Wide, India, Kenya)
  • Learning from maize and cassava Innovation platforms in West and Central Africa (DONATA – CORAF)
  • Capitalizing experiences on the support to the private sector through Belgium bilateral development assistance. BTC Belgium Development Agency
  • Learning from Plant Clinics in Kenya and Uganda (PlantWise – CABI)
  • Capitalization of the BTC supported PEPAPS water and sanitation Programme in Rwanda (BTC, Belgium Development Agency)
  • Impact assessment of the DFID funded Research Into Use (RIU) Programme (Rwanda, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya).
  • Africa Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme – development of a toolkit and training manual for the UNDP, African Facility for Inclusive Markets
  • Baseline survey on Agricultural Advisory Services in Rwanda for the Support Programme to the Strategic Plan for Agricultural Transformation (Ministry of Agricultural and Animal resources (MINAGRI) and the BTC, Belgian Development Agency.
  • MyCOOP development and pre-testing of a training programme on cooperative management (for: ILO, Ministry of Agriculture, Nigeria)
  • Final Evaluation of the BTC / MINAGRI “Projet d’Appui au Système National de Vulgaristaion Agricole (PASNVA)”. (for: BTC, MINAGRI Rwanda)
  • Mid-Term review of the “Appui au PSTA á travers un appui á la Filière Horticulture au Rwanda (APFH)” programme (BTC, MINAGRI Rwanda).
  • Study on the contribution of Farmers’ Organisations to poverty reduction and economic development. Input to the strategy on farmers’ organisations of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (for: BMGF)
  • Support to the ASARECA programme on Farmer Empowerment for Innovation in Smallholder Agriculture (FEISA). Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda.