Roger Bymolt

Senior Advisor

+31 (0)20 568 8710

Roger Bymolt, M.A. is a Senior Advisor on issues of sustainable economic development at KIT, based in Amsterdam. Over the last 10 years he has built expertise in programme monitoring and evaluation, value chain development, carbon markets, as well as online/social media and video. Roger has extensive experience in Africa and Asia. Roger has worked throughout Africa and Asia and particularly enjoys engaging in participatory approaches to research. Roger has a proven track record in designing research plans, methodologies and conducting qualitative and quantitative impact assessments. His conceptual strengths are balanced with a pragmatism for finding working solutions in challenging research environments. Roger is a confident communicator and enjoys sharing and debating ideas in workshops and seminars and believes that building effective partnerships with colleagues, clients and partners is essential to the success of any project.



  • IFAD Evaluation of the Rural Finance Programme, Zambia. Methodology design and impact assessment of the RFP throughout Zambia (2014)
  • SEED Initiative, East Africa. Design and implementation of monitoring system for impact investment fund delivering small loans (2014)
  • Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), Evaluation of the project ‘Wealth Creation through Integrated Development of the Potato Production and Marketing Sector in Ethiopia’  (2014)
  • CTDP Cotton and Alternative Crops study, Tanzania Gatsby Trust, Tanzania (2014)
  • Ex ante impact assessment of maize mechanization options for sub-Saharan Africa, CIMMYT, Across Africa (2014)
  • African Agricultural Common Fund (AACF), 6 impact assessments of impact investments in East Africa, Gatsby, Gates, Rockefeller (2013-)
  • African Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme, Kenya, Angola, UNDP (2013-)
  • Enhancing Income in the Agricultural Sector in the Gaza Strip, Gaza, Oxfam Italy, RUAF (2013-)
  • Rice Production Survey Phase I and II, Tanzania and Uganda, Gatsby Foundation (2013)
  • Green Economic Development in the Lake Naivasha Basin, Assessing potential economic opportunities for small-scale farmers, Kenya, World Wide Fund for Nature (2012)
  • Research into Use, evaluation of the Malawi livestock platform, DFID, Malawi (2012)
  • Purchase for Progress learning trajectory and writeshops, World Food Programme (2011)
  • ‘Going Local’ writeshop on local food commodities, Actionaid, Tanzania (2011)
  • Eval Health, the role of evidence in informing health policy, European Commission FP7 (2010-2013)
  • Participatory Assessment of Development (PADev), various partners, Ghana and Burkina Faso, 2010-2013