Potato farmers - Copyright KIT


Potato farmers - Copyright KIT

Agricultural innovation

KIT works with governments, public sector agencies, research organisations, private sector companies, farmer organisations and NGOs, to improve service delivery in agriculture, and build the capacity of different actors to…

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Textile & Garment Industry

The textile value chain is a complicated one. Take for example the t-shirts you wear: They have traveled all across the world, exposed to many steps of processing, before you…

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Youth development

There are around 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24, the largest youth population in history. This so-called ‘youth bulge’ creates opportunities but also many challenges….

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Food value chains

KIT works with farmer organisations, companies, governments, funders and NGOs abroad and in the Netherlands to build sustainable and inclusive value chains in the agricultural food sector in Africa, Asia and…

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Field day in Hoya camp, Lundazi, Zambia.

Gender and agriculture

KIT supports companies and national and international development organisations to clarify and improve the gender dimensions of their funding, programmes and value chain activities. Our aim is to support the…

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