Seminar on Agricultural Innovation Systems kicks off


Yesterday the seminar “Agricultural Innovation Systems: reality check” kicked off at KIT (Royal Tropical Institute). From 13-15 September, key thinkers come together to discuss cutting edge issues related to the development impact of Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) approaches.

The organizers aim to trigger new thinking on AIS as well as collaboration between participants. Also outputs are used for influencing agricultural research and development policy and practice. The themes dig into critical issues: theories of change, organization of research, diversity and inclusion, scale and capacity, integrating analysis and practice. Participants of the seminar include representatives of networks, researchers in AIS related fields, CGIAR centres, development donors, and NGOs.

The seminar, taking place at KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, is organized by KIT (Royal Tropical Institute), the International Centre for development-oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA) and Wageningen UR’s Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), with support from GIZ, and the Dutch Food and Business Knowledge Platform.