Business Culture Insights

This programme helps internationally operating professionals quickly become effective in an unfamiliar business culture. Based on the nature of the business, the country, and the role of the executive we select a business-culture expert that meets the participant’s development needs. 

What you will learn

We tailor the programme around the nature of your business needs, including your country of destination, the role you will be undertaking, and your previous experience in international business environments. Based on these needs we select a business-culture expert that meets the participant’s professional development needs.

Topics are tailored to the country of destination and include:

  • Intercultural Management
  • The Intercultural Readiness Check
  • Local Business Culture
  • Case Studies
  • Personal Action Plan


This one day programme is not focused on the social aspects of living and working in a new country, therefore it is often combined with our Country & Culture Insights Programme.

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Country & Culture Insights

Our programme helps relocating-expats and international local-hires to smoothly transition into a new culture. Participants learn to put new experiences and situations in perspective by considering individual behavioural norms, environmental factors of behaviour, and cultural understanding. By considering these aspects alongside experience, current and future cultural-environments and business environments, the programme helps participants to adjust to new cultural environments more easily.

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