Country & Culture Insights

Our programme helps relocating-expats and international local-hires to smoothly transition into a new culture. Participants learn to put new experiences and situations in perspective by considering individual behavioural norms, environmental factors of behaviour, and cultural understanding. By considering these aspects alongside experience, current and future cultural-environments and business environments, the programme helps participants to adjust to new cultural environments more easily.

What you will learn

The programme helps reduce frustration and disappointment in intercultural interactions by making participants familiar with patterns in behaviour, underlying social norms and values – both in themselves and others. Topics are tailored to the country of destination and include (but are not limited to):

  • Intercultural Awareness and Communication
  • Behavioural Patterns and their Backgrounds
  • History, Politics and Economics
  • Social Aspects of Living and Working
  • Long-Term Effects of Living Abroad


We can deliver the programme over one or two days. The two-day programme includes the intercultural readiness check. This programme is not focused on business insights and is often combined with our business culture insights programme.

I liked the friendly approach, the analyses and the examples of people having the same situation as we have.

The benefits of such training are various: the intercultural communication can become more successful as we get to know more about the host culture, we have the opportunity to express our first impressions and feelings with someone who can really understand it and dig deep into the reason why.

Tina Petkovic, HR Contact Center Advisor, Philips

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