Cultural effectiveness in Healthcare

Professionals in healthcare in The Netherlands often work with patients from an expat or migrant background. Culturally defined expectations about health services can lead to large communication differences in these interactions and may lead to misunderstandings about healthcare protocols. Our programmes are specifically designed to over come these intercultural communication challenges and help create more effective healthcare. 

What you will learn

This programme equips healthcare professionals with the ability to recognise the expectations of their patients and adjust their approach to bridge communication and understanding gaps. This interactive group programme consists of one full day and one half day after six months, and addresses the following topics:

  • Intercultural Awareness and Communication
  • Building Trust
  • Overview of International Healthcare Systems
  • Case Studies


Participants of this recognised programme will receive the following credits:

  • Accreditatie Bureau Cluster 1 (Huisartsen) 11 PE-punten
  • Accreditatiebureau Kwaliteitsregister V&V en Register Zorgprofessionals (verpleegkundigen) 9 PE-punten
  • Accreditatiebureau Verpleegkundig Specialisten Register (jeugdverpleegkundigen) 10 PE-punten
  • KABIZ – (Doktersassistenten) 10 PE-punten
  • Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen (Verloskundigen) 9,5 PE-punten
  • LV POH-GGZ (Praktijkondersteuners GGZ) 7 PE-punten
  • NVvPO (Praktijkondersteuners) 12 PE-punten
  • KCKZ (Kraamverzorgenden) 12 PE-punten

This programme was designed in collaboration with Healthcare for Internationals. Healthcare for internationals is a a non-profit network of organisations that aim to close the gap between Dutch healthcare and the needs and expectations of patients with an international background. The network has members and projects in six regions across The Netherlands.

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