Effective Communication with New Residents

Professionals in social services in The Netherlands often work with clients from a refugee background who have legal residency—or ‘status holders’—in the Netherlands. Culturally defined expectations about government services can lead to large communication differences in these interactions and may lead to misunderstandings about Dutch rules and regulations. This programme helps participants recognise and effectively bridge these potential differences. 

What you will learn

This programme equips social workers with the ability to recognise the expectations of their clients and adjust their approach to bridge communication and understanding gaps. This interactive group programme includes the following topics:

  • Intercultural Awareness and Communication
  • Overview of Cultural Backgrounds of Status Holders
  • Expectations of the Newcomers
  • Case Studies

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Integrating into the Dutch Labour Market for New Residents

This training is aimed towards status holders that have recently arrived in The Netherlands to prepare them for the Dutch labour market. The programme helps create effective intercultural communication by making participants familiar with patterns of behaviour, underlying social norms and values. 

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