SDG Services

At KIT Royal Tropical Institute, the world’s sustainable development agenda is in our DNA. We recognise that the success of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) depends on innovation and collaboration across a broad range of actors, from small businesses and corporations to NGOs, community-based organisations, and government ministries.

Help understand the impact of activities

Leveraging our expertise in the fields of health care, economic development, gender, and intercultural cooperation, we help these organisations to better understand the impact of their activities on relevant SDG indicators and identify new opportunities to affect positive change related to these SDGs. To do so we provide:

  • Assessment and advisory services, including SDG mapping and tracking
  • Programme development
  • Independent and applied research
  • Capacity development
  • Training

SDG House

The KIT building also plays a key role in our effort to contribute to the SDGs by providing space for new and like-minded organisations to thrive. Since September 2017, our landmark building has been the home of the SDG House—an emerging community of KIT-based sustainability experts, entrepreneurs, media and NGOs who share a common purpose in their efforts to achieve one or more of the SDGs. The SDG House acts as a catalyst for sustainability initiatives: a place to meet, exchange ideas, and build partnerships for sustainability.

The SDG House has more than 50 organisations covering a diverse range of activities in areas such as: urban development, impact investments, inclusive finance, fair trade and organic product development, and also hosts an office of The Netherlands National SDG Coordinator.