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Sichingo! A serious game for decision-making in fragile settings

Transport yourself to Sichingo. It is a fragile place: a small district confronting a devastating HIV/AIDS epidemic. Here, as a member of the district’s HIV committee, you face difficult decisions – decisions that are inherently influenced by Sichingo’s fragility. How do you adapt to these circumstances, apply scientific evidence and deliver essential HIV/AIDS care?

With Sichingo! – a serious game developed by KIT Royal Tropical Institute and Cordaid – you will experience the unique decision-making challenges faced in fragile settings. Sichingo! invites you to take on a ‘real-life’ role – such as a youth advocate, religious leader, head nurse, international donor or government representative – to better understand the criteria that affect your ability to use scientific evidence and make decisions. After every round of Sinchingo!, players reflect and learn the implications of their decisions.

After the game, players will be able to:

  • Discuss how fragility influences decision-making
  • Analyse different stakeholder views and explain the criteria that play a role in decision-making in fragile settings, and
  • Apply evidence when selecting intervention strategies.

This game is for global health professionals, particularly those working on HIV/AIDS, such as program implementers, policy makers and public health students. The game can be played by 6-9 people (with the original materials), though up to 100 people  can play using printed handouts.


  • The game costs €499 (including instruction guidelines and all the materials needed to play). Each additional set of game materials – for a group of up to 9 players – is €100. 
  • Half day facilitation of game play (from 6 players up to large group of 100 players) is €875.

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