Understanding the Dutch

An international employee’s transition to life in the Netherlands can be difficult. The Understanding the Dutch training programme helps internationals with a smooth transition into Dutch culture.

Start date: Anytime
Upcoming group trainings: 24th of March and April 23rd
Duration: 2 hours online + 1 day group training
Location:KIT Royal Tropical Institute,
For who:International employees working in the Netherlands
Training format:Interactive group training, online and face-to-face training
Fee:€ 1.095 (excluding VAT)

Helping internationals to transition into Dutch life

An international employee’s transition to life in the Netherlands can be difficult. At work, they are sometimes confused by Dutch behavior in business meetings, or misunderstand communication between managers and employees; forging new business relations can also be daunting.

Outside of work, internationals often struggle to balance their professional and personal life, misinterpret ‘Dutch directness’, and feel overwhelmed by the prospect of ‘rebuilding’ their social life in a foreign country.

Ultimately, how an international copes with and responds to these challenges impacts their professional performance and overall wellbeing.

The Understanding the Dutch training programme helps internationals to overcome these challenges and smoothly transition into Dutch culture. In particular, this training focuses on:

  • enhancing an international’s cultural and self-awareness
  • improving their understanding of Dutch business culture and Dutch cultural & behavioral patterns
  • providing them with skills and strategies to ease their cultural transition process and ensure effective intercultural communication.

Interactive programming

The programme starts with several online training modules, which participants can complete at their own pace. The online training modules are followed by a full-day interactive group training tailored to participants’ needs and individual context. The full-day programme is delivered by our intercultural trainers’ alongside outside experts from a diversity of professional and cultural backgrounds. Together, they offer a practical approach to understanding Dutch culture, employing multiple perspectives to give participants’ a realistic and in-depth view of life in the Netherlands. Watch a short impression of the group training below.

What you will learn

This course focuses on interconnected elements of intercultural communication and the cultural transition process.

  • Cultural and self-awareness: We help participants to be more aware of their own cultural preferences and background – including their reaction to ‘strangeness’. By exposing them to different perspectives of Dutch culture, we also help participants to understand how their own cultural background influences their perception of and experience with Dutch culture.
  • Effective intercultural communication: We give participants insight into cultural communication structures and provide them with tools for identifying and resolving cultural misunderstandings.
  • Personal strategies for dealing with the cultural transition process: This includes the ‘stages of culture shock’, changes in your routines, reactions, roles, relationships and reflections about yourself, managing your energy, and dealing with homesickness and ‘missing’.
  • Understanding Dutch behavior patterns: Rituals and customs, power distance, communication styles, beliefs, value system, etc.
  • Insight into cultural aspects of living in the Netherlands: Healthcare, childcare, daily life, how to build a social life, etc.
  • Dutch business culture: Teamwork, balancing work and life, building business relations, negotiating, hierarchy, the role of the manager, and more.

Join Understanding the Dutch

If you are interested, please contact us to receive your confirmation letter. We will register you for the online module once the letter is completed, signed and returned to us.

The training costs € 1.095 (excluding VAT) and includes online and face-to-face training, accommodation & catering. The training takes place at KIT Royal Tropical Institute (Mauritskade 64, Amsterdam). Trainings can also be organised on location (e.g. your office) for groups of employees.

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