Sharing our expertise on the cocoa sector at Amsterdam Cocoa Week

Amsterdam Cocoa Week will be from 5-11 February.


KIT is delighted to partner with and co-sponsor Amsterdam Cocoa Week! We will kick off the week-long event by hosting an eye-opening session titled, ‘Unpacking the Relationship Between Income and Child Labour in Cocoa’.

Over the years, KIT has been actively involved in testing and evaluating strategies to increase household income for farmers towards earning a living income and eliminate child labour in the cocoa sector. We’re very keen to share this experience and expertise, along with our partners, at Amsterdam Cocoa Week (ACW).

These discussions are all the more critical and timely given the significant policy developments implemented in the European Union (EU) in 2023.

Talking about interventions for impact

We will host one session and participate in two other sessions, hosted by our partners. Our focus will be on child labour and cash transfers.

While income improvement and reducing child labour have become priorities across the sector, there is too little evidence on how these can be addressed. Interventions often lack rigorous evidence on their impact and differences in used indicators and methodologies limit the comparability of existing evidence. Moreover, the link between income and child labour are currently not well understood. For example, a 2023 KIT study demonstrated that households earning the equivalent of the living income benchmark had the highest prevalence of hazardous child labour. 

These results suggest that interventions aimed at increasing cocoa-producing households’ income through sustainable intensification of cocoa production or income diversification may, in fact, unintentionally increase the risk of child labour by increasing household labour demand.

So, we’ve joined several companies, partners in the cocoa sector, and implementing agencies as a knowledge partner to pilot test interventions such as labour-saving technologies, village savings, and cash transfers, and evaluate their impact on households’ incomes, child labour prevalence, and children’s wellbeing.

A contribution to the future of cocoa

We will share our findings from these interventions, our work on living income and child labour, and our research agenda during the session on 5 February 2024. 

For details about the other sessions we’ll be participating in please see below.

This event will offer stakeholders in the cocoa sector the opportunity to connect and inspire one another and shape their contribution to the future of cocoa. If you’d like to be a part of this discussion you can register for the week-long event here