KIT Royal Tropical Institute is an active player in the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and the global response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Our Masters in Public Health includes a specialised track in HIV and SRHR and we also offer research and advisory services to assist other parties with policy development and strengthening their programmes.


Great advances have been made in HIV prevention, treatment and care. However, 1.8 million people become newly infected every year and globally AIDS related illnesses remain the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age (15–49)—according to the UNAIDS Data 2017 Report (UNAIDS, July 2017).

Understanding the contexts of these new infections—as well as the implications of treatment and prevention strategies—are crucial to effectively addressing HIV prevention. KIT aims to undertake such research and translate research findings into evidence. The goal of this work is to successfully contribute to HIV reduction and the promotion of SRHR.

Men, unmarried youth, and marginalised groups, such as gay men and women, sex workers, intravenous drug-users, and people living with HIV, are often ignored by such programmes. KIT is dedicated to breaking down the barriers to services and education that can help create satisfying and healthy sex lives and effective birth control for those most in need.


Our work focuses on:

  • research, development and pilot innovative schemes to help reduce HIV/AIDS, STIs, unwanted pregnancies, and improve sexual health among key populations
  • integration of HIV prevention and SRHR programmes
  • capacity building through our and SRHR tracks in the KIT Masters in Public Health and tailor-made trainings

Our experts

Photo of Pam Baatsen

Pam Baatsen

Senior Advisor, SRHR and HIV

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Photo of Hermen Ormel

Hermen Ormel

Senior Advisor

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Anke van der Kwaak

Team leader Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

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