Coen Buvelot


Coen Buvelot is an impact evaluation expert specializing in quantitative research methods. He holds a Master’s from Erasmus University Rotterdam in International Economics, specialising in the geospatial effects of import barriers on labour conditions. He has expertise in the field of data science, statistics and research in Liberia, Tanzania, and India. 

In his work, he strives to transform quantitative data into insights that are statistically sound, easy to comprehend, and practical to use. He has experience in data collection and analysis, predictive modelling, and data visualization through dashboards. Before KIT, he worked in commercial and government organisations, where he worked on the entire data chain. At KIT, Coen participates in both design and implementation of M&E programs and products for various impact areas, such as epidemiology, climate change, and agricultural development. In any of those fields, Coen helps our clients to measure their value for money.