Edith Punt


When Edith Punt joined KIT Intercultural Professionals in June 2018, she was not new to the organisation. Between 2008–2016 she worked as a Country Expert for Thailand and Vietnam. Edith is a seasoned intercultural trainer and consultant with a broad expertise in intercultural communication, leadership, and management theories. She has sound experience in their application in both non-profit and market-driven industries.

She supports organisations with targeted interventions and (management) talent development programs. Her work helps governments, companies and organisations reach the next level of effectiveness in international and virtual team-building, along with the steering of remote teams. Outside the Netherlands Edith has worked in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, France and the Czech Republic.

In her role as HR Business Partner in Intercultural Effectiveness she assists Intercultural Professionals’ clients to assess the development needs of their staff. She proposes appropriate development interventions and program modules to help them get the best out of their intercultural work. In collaboration with Intercultural Professionals’ trainers she keeps improving and developing the (online) tools and training methods to meet with new trends and development needs.