Ente J.J. Rood


Ente J.J Rood, Ph.D., is an environmental epidemiologist studying the effects of environmental conditions and alterations on human health. Ente has extensive experience in the use of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and geostatistical methodologies to model and predict biological and epidemiological processes over space and time.

Working at KIT Biomedical Research his work involves the development and implementation of field research, training and project management in Africa and Asia with a strong focus on water-borne disease.

Education and prior work, special functions

Prior to his work at KIT Health Ente obtained a Ph.D. degree in conservation ecology and environmental biology, specializing in environmental impact assessments. Before starting his Ph.D. research at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, Ente has worked on environmental development projects in Cameroon and Indonesia performing environmental hazard studies. During his Ph.D. research he has studied the effects of land use change and socio-economic agents on the sustainability of environmental services, ecological processes, species distributions and human livelihoods in the Indonesian province of Nanngroe Aceh Darussalam.

Description of group’s work

The work of the KIT epidemiology group is focused on strengthening public health activities and disease control programs. Combining expertise in epidemiology, environmental sciences, health information management and geographical information systems (GIS), the group conducts research, provides advisory and M&E services, and develops and offers tailor-made training programs. Coordinating the Collaboration for Evidence-Based Health Care (CEBHA), the group supports training and implementation of evidence-based health care and policy development.