Hannah Kabelka


Hannah Kabelka is a gender, SRHR and education specialist, who joined KIT in 2020 as a junior advisor.

Hannah is flexible, accurate and a critical thinker. She has a background in education policy and international development with a focus on gender studies and conflict-affected settings.

At Share-Net Netherlands, she aims to strengthen knowledge management and learning as she facilitates the Dutch Communities of Practice for the development of better policies and practices in SRHR.

Hannah started her career as board member of a non-profit association in Austria promoting inclusivity in non-formal education. Past working experience include policy analysis at the UNESCO-IIEP in Argentina, field work experience exploring sexuality education in Colombia as well as gender, PSS and child protection programming at War Child Holland. Before joining KIT, she worked as a freelancer developing online learning paths for War Child Holland and conducted literature reviews for the University of Amsterdam focusing on Muslim youth, citizenship and a sense of belonging.

Hannah is skilled in qualitative and mixed-method approaches, and is committed to promoting an intersectional lens and context-sensitivity.