Jader Franklim Pinto


Jader Franklim Pinto has been KIT Intercultural Professionals’ Managing Director since May 2017. Born in a multicultural neighborhood of Amsterdam from Portuguese and Brazilian descent, Jader has always felt attracted to intercultural and international settings. He has translated his intercultural mindset into numerous professional experiences, such as: mentoring international students at the Hotelschool The Hague; working at the International Practice at KPMG; living and working for the Disney Company in the USA and France; and dealing with international guests and clients during his work at CenterParcs and the Baak.

He believes in using people’s strengths and differences to create effective work-places, especially in intercultural and international environments. As the Managing Director of KIT Intercultural Professionals his aim is to contribute to the cooperation and effectiveness of individuals and international teams in order to achieve their organisational objectives. And on a personal level he believes that such goals can help personally enrich all involved in intercultural communication