Jolanda Zeeman


Jolanda Zeeman studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands, where she specialised in Asian studies. After she finished university she began organising seminars themed around East meets West for educational institutes—which is how she became involved with programs at KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

In 1999 Jolanda began work at KIT Intercultural Professionals as a recruiter for international trainers and experts. After getting her degree as a trainer, she combined her anthropological knowledge with training skills, and began to help international professionals develop a global mind-set. She also began work with international teams focusing on their effectiveness in intercultural settings. Additionally she began supporting international mergers and acquisitions along their intercultural path.

Since then Jolanda has refined these training programmes at KIT Intercultural Professionals, delivering high quality intercultural insight as a Senior Trainer. With decades of experience Jolanda’s trainings now combine high levels of creativity with high impact. In addition to her group training programmes she also coaches international professionals individually. She is a certified trainer of the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) on intercultural competences and MBTI. Jolanda trains professionals in Amsterdam at the historic-monument buildings of the Royal Tropical Institute. She also works worldwide for clients like DAMCO, Philips, DSM, Vanderlande, KLM-Air France, Dutch Railway and Universities.