Jorinde ten Berge


Jorinde ten Berge has over 10 years’ experience as a Senior Trainer and Consultant at KIT Intercultural Professionals. Since 2006 she has been guiding people and businesses on diverse intercultural topics worldwide. Jorinde brings an empathetic perspective to her work having lived and worked as a Buyer, Business Consultant, Trainer and Educator in many countries including India, Sri-lanka, Vietnam, Australia, and Poland.

At KIT she uses this depth of experience to train and provide consultancy for people and organisations who have moved internationally, including here to the Netherlands. She is a certified IRC trainer on intercultural competences, and is also one of the trainers who gives training to (former) refugees about working in the Netherlands. This also informs her work when providing intercultural training to organisations working with (former) refugees—another key KIT service Jorinde provides.

She works with diverse companies as well as for governmental organisations, such as the Municipality of Amsterdam and national governmental bodies in The Hague. Jorinde’s training topics also include: intercultural communication; cultural awareness; Dutch patterns of behavior and their backgrounds; and junior programmes for children and young people moving to another country. Her love for culture, working with other cultures and interest in history, art and personal intercultural experiences is central to her role at KIT.