Lucie Blok


Lucie’s main focus at KIT is on strengthening health systems and raising the effectiveness of disease control programmes for tuberculosis, AIDS and other diseases.

Lucie strongly believes that diseases cannot be controlled without in-depth epidemiological analysis in different locations and populations. Moreover, in order to be effective and equitable, health systems development requires insight into the interplay between system organisation, community & social structures, and individual barriers to access and use.

Lucie brings extensive experience in developing research and programme monitoring systems that allow lessons to be drawn from pilot interventions. She was one of the key contributors to the development and implementation of the M&E system for more than 170 TB REACH pilot projects. She has assisted programmes around the world by analysing and translating these lessons to improve individual interventions and to contribute to national and global policy development. Lucie holds a medical degree from the State University of Utrecht and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University.