Maaike Flinkenflögel


Maaike Flinkenflögel, is a Dutch medical doctor who has been working in the field of international health and health professions education since 2006. She holds postgraduate degrees in international health from ITM, Antwerp (2005-6) and in health professions education (HPE) from SAFRI, Capetown (2012-13).

Maaike is currently working as advisor in postgraduate education in international health at KIT and and works on project acquisition and management in health professions education. She also coordinates the Masters in International Health and the Dutch tropical medicine course NTC.

Teaching the future generation

Maaike has a strong interest in strengthening health professions education in lower and middle income countries and in teaching the future generation of health professionals about primary health care, social and community medicine and social determinants of health.

She strengthened HPE in Eastern Africa as educator in Tanzania at a clinical officers training college (2006-7) and as the coordinator of the EU-funded Primafamed network of 20 universities in Sub-Sahara Africa, on the development of family medicine training based at Ghent University (2008-10), and as honorary associate professor/ head of department PHC at the University of Rwanda, employed by Partners In Health (2010-16). In this last position she strengthened the postgraduate family medicine training and the undergraduate curriculum at the university. She developed a new online undergraduate training for medical, dental and pharmacy students in social and community medicine. At KIT she presently is adviser in postgraduate education, where she supervises the Masters in International Health and works on international projects to develop health professions education around the globe.


Parallel to these full-time positions, Maaike is working on a PhD, at Ghent University, on the development of PHC/ family medicine education in the undergraduate curricula in SSA, with a focus on Rwanda, and has  published several articles on this topic. She has experience with both quantitative and qualitative research. She is the secretary of the Eastern Africa Health Professions Educators Association and recently became one of the co-editors in chief for the journal Education For Health.

Maaike is a team player with strong social, communication and intercultural skills. She is goal-oriented, a dedicated teacher and strong student advocate.