Maria Codina


Maria is an advisor on gender and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) committed to contributing to the advancement of SRHR, gender equality and women’s rights.

Her expertise lies at the intersection of gender and health, with her background in gender studies allowing her to approach global health with a strong intersectional, feminist and sociological perspective.

Maria’s main areas of expertise include gender, youth and adolescent sexuality knowledge management and qualitative research. Other topics of her interest include menstrual health and infertility and youth empowerment. She joined KIT Royal Tropical Institute as part of the SRHR team in 2017 working as Share-Net International and Netherlands project officer. Currently, she is a knowledge management expert and county coordinator of the country hubs in francophone Africa and Latin America for Share-Net International. Maria combines her work at Share-Net International with her work as SRHR advisor in projects such as Yes I Do.

Maria is also a member of the ‘YouAct European Youth Network’ on SRHR (2019 – Present)