Nico van Bockel


Nico van Bockel is the General Manager of KIT Intercultural Professionals. Under his leadership Intercultural Professionals aims to create a more inclusive society by providing training, coaching and consultancy on diversity & inclusion and intercultural effectiveness. He is responsible for Intercultural Professionals’ overall strategy and results. Together with his team he realized a successful transition to creating more impact and obtaining better financial results, by:

  • Repositioning Intercultural Professionals;
  • Developing new value propositions for teams and managers in the corporate, government, healthcare and education sector;
  • Modernizing services, focusing more on competency development and blended learning solutions;
  • Streamlining the efforts of the team in effective relationship management and partnership development.

Nico obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management at Hotelschool The Hague. He gained leadership and commercial experience working as the manager of a medium sized tourism company on Curaçao for five years. Having worked in Spain, Mexico, Australia and Curaçao, Nico always had an interest in intercultural communication, leading him to become part of the KIT Intercultural Professionals’ team in 2017.