Suchitra Mishra


I am Suchitra Mishra, an Indian medical doctor specialized in the field of clinical microbiology, with a keen focus in areas of infectious disease prevention and control, antimicrobial stewardship, health prevention, health systems, and healthcare financing.

Challenges in Indian Healthcare Financing

A major problem in India is related to the healthcare financing, which forms the foundation to ensure equity and justice. Considering India’s vast population of 1.45 billion people, it’s challenging to implement a single policy that can adequately cater to all their diverse needs, leading to out-of-pocket expenses. While the country’s various government schemes aim to support the underprivileged, this approach can lead to disparities. Healthcare providers faced financial challenges during the pandemic due to delays in receiving government support, highlighting issues of justice and equity in healthcare.

Pursuing Empowerment through Public Health

Receiving the scholarship is a blessing that will empower me with knowledge, skills in policy analysis, decision analysis, and the right attitude, along with competencies to work at the intersection of policy and management within various health system contexts, considering key conceptual frameworks from the social sciences.

I envision prioritising global health for creating equilibrium and maintaining equity and justice in the healthcare system.

Suchitra Mishra