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KIT Royal Tropical Institute equips health professionals with the knowledge needed to address public health challenges around the world. We offer Master’s programmes and advanced courses at our training facilities in Amsterdam, and through e-learning. In addition we conduct regional and tailor-made training programmes around the world. By bringing together people from different countries and regions, KIT’s international courses create a forum for linking and exchanging experiences among a broad range of development practitioners.

Our training programmes respond to current global developments in the health field. KIT’s courses are known for their practical applicability, their multidisciplinary approach and the interactive, participatory training methods.


KIT master's programmes are an opportunity for health and development professionals to further develop their knowledge and skills.

Master in International Health (MIH)

The Master of Science in International Health (MIH) aims to develop the capacity of health professionals working in clinical care, at the interface of national health systems, in international organisations and on global health problems.

  • Duration

    1 year (FT); up to 5 years (PT)

  • Location

    KIT Amsterdam, and optionally elsewhere in Europe

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NEW: Master of Science in Public Health and Health Equity (MPH-HE)

The Master of Public Health and Health Equity (MPH-HE) is a mid-career Master of Science programme, organised by KIT Royal Tropical Institute and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). It is meant for professionals working in health service delivery or health management, in national health systems or international organisations.

Master of Public Health (MPH): track in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

The Master of Science in Public Health (MPH), formerly known as ‘International Course in Health Development’ is an annual 12-month Master of Public Health programme organised by the KIT Royal Tropical Institute and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).
This track is specifically designed for those who wish to work in SRHR focus domains which may include HIV and AIDS.

  • Starting date

    11/09/2023 << FULL COURSE, waiting list available for applicants who do not need visa! >>

  • Duration

    1 year

  • Location

    KIT, Amsterdam

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Short courses

KIT Royal Tropical Institute's short courses are practical, focused and complete in themselves. Most can also be taken as part of our Master's programmes

Netherlands Course on Global Health and Tropical Medicine (NTC)

The Netherlands Course on Global Health and Tropical Medicine or Nederlandse Tropen Cursus (NTC) provides essential preparation for health professionals such as medical doctors, nurses, and midwives planning to work in low- and middle-income countries and/or with marginalised communities. Participants may be preparing to work in a district hospital at the first level of referral, or intend to participate in health care projects with non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Global Health

The explosive availability of open source health data offers new opportunities to analyze and monitor trends in disease. It also opens new pathways to assess how effectively health systems can address these trends. Epidemiologists, health professionals and policymakers increasingly utilize new analytical techniques and software to process and analyze the growing volumes of high resolution health data.

This course trains health professionals with the essential skills to map and analyze routinely collected health data. In this training you will learn what data and methods are used to detect areas of high disease risk and to compare these with geographic patterns of health service delivery.

Analysing Disrupted Health Systems (ADHS)

If you are a health professional working in or with countries in crisis, working as health personnel in government institutions, NGOs, UN agencies and humanitarian organisations or as an independent consultant, then this course is intended for you.

Monitoring and Evaluation in a dynamic health environment (M&E)

This advanced practitioners’ course equips participants with up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools enabling them to answer such questions as: What models, frameworks and tools are suitable for a specific evaluation? How to balance the perspectives of different stakeholders? 

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As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from the US, I was looking for an MPH programme that allowed me to learn from the experts in the field: those who actually originate and work in the local contexts most in need of development help. KIT was the perfect fit for me. While the KIT professors are experts in the various domains of public health, to me, the true beacons of knowledge in the MPH/ICHD programme were my fellow students. I learned so much from them; how their countries worked, rural versus urban challenges, corrupt realities, cultural and social views, and so much more. Not only did I get to constantly learn about my colleagues’ experiences, realities, and what shaped their views, I also got to learn a lot about their culture by simply working with them in groups. Thanks to this programme I’ve learned countless skills that contribute to my current job on a daily basis.

Lorena Gonzalez, US, Peru, MPH Currently working as Development Manager for the Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights

As a nurse in the field of migrants health I worked for the UN Migration Agency (IOM) in many countries, among others Ethiopia,Jordan, Kenya, Haiti, Libya. After 15 years I took the decision to study a Master’s programme to broaden my knowledge. My enrollment at the KIT and the Master in International Health (MIH) helped matching my extensive field experience with the theory. I followed the core course of this Master’s programme at KIT in Amsterdam, and the rest via distance learning. After my graduation I rejoined IOM in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh with Rohingya refugees as the health programme manager. I benefited tremendously from the knowledge acquired during the MIH. This Masters programme empowered me with the knowledge to perform better.

Learn more about Mariam's experiences in this following video

Mariam Abdelkerim from Chad Health programme manager for the UN Migration Agency

My time at KIT has not only given me growth in Public Health understanding and skills but much more also the appreciation of the constant exchange of culture. Following the MPH/ICHD and being able to learn through the eyes from an African or Asian perspective, gave more value to the course than I first realized. I liked the open communication with the facilitators and the space in the sessions to ask critical questions. KIT became for me a home away from home. Studying my MPH at KIT was one of the best decisions I could have taken.

Iline Ceelen, Belgium and Switzerland, MPH Background in midwifery, working as Medical Coordinator for Medecins sans Frontieres.

Studying the MPH/ICHD at KIT was the best experience I ever had. The facilitators at KIT were so knowledgeable and supportive and I liked the interactive teaching. Fellow students from 23 different countries also helped me to understand different cultures as well as to tackle public health issues in various ways. The course has enhanced my theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, which I am using in my work now to advocate and promote girls and women’s health rights and improve their health status. I am passionate to contribute in changing the society and make world better place for women to live in.

Manju Pandey from Nepal, MPH Background in Nursing, working as Project Manager, CARE International in Nepal

While the curriculum was comprehensive, the international group added so much more value to it! Students from 23 different countries helped me understand finer details of various cultures and personal values in addressing public health issues

Varadharajan Srinivasan from India, MPH, Working as manager Emmanuel Hospital