Orange Knowledge Programme

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One possibility for obtaining a fellowship to study at KIT is through the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP), former Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP). This 5-year programme aims to advance the capacity, knowledge and quality of both individuals and institutions of higher and vocational education.

Exceptions for the current OKP application round
due to Covid-19 situation

Exceptions for Employer and Government Statement in this registration round

We understand that due to the effects of the Corona-virus some applicants are unable to obtain a signed and stamped Employer Statement or Government Statement. We have therefore decided to make a few exceptions for Round 1 – 2020.

Employer Statement
A digitally signed employer statement will suffice for this round. A stamp is not required. Please make sure that the employer statement format is used. If applicants are unable to obtain an Employer Statement before the registration deadline, they may upload a temporary document which should be replaced with a signed employer statement before the nomination deadline on April 21st. All nominated applications must include a (digitally) signed employer statement.

Government Statement
If applicants are unable to obtain a Government Statement, they may upload a self-written statement declaring that they will provide the Government Statement after selection. We will inform the Embassies that applications without a Government Statement are eligible for this round.

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