Orange Knowledge Programme

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One possibility for obtaining a fellowship to study at KIT is through the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP), former Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP). This 5-year programme aims to advance the capacity, knowledge and quality of both individuals and institutions of higher and vocational education.

Please find below detailed information on the OKP programme, deadlines, eligibility a.o.
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Important NEWS from Nuffic on OKP round September-October, update 1 september 2020. Situation unchanged on 08 October 2020

We received the news below from Nuffic, the organization running the Orange Knowledge Programme for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign affairs:

The Nuffic Orange Knowledge Programme Short Course scholarships application window (Round 3), which normally opens on 2 September for applicants, remains closed for the moment.
The funder of the programme, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has asked Nuffic to make some programme adjustments, to create more focus and impact for the remaining programme period. Nuffic is in close contact with the ministry on these desired programme adaptations and the implications they might have for the Orange Knowledge Programme.

We hope that everything becomes clear in the course of September, so please check our website regularly. If/when the application period opens KIT Royal Tropical Institute will send the link to all registered applicants from OKP countries. In case you are planning to apply for the OKP scholarship we advise you to make sure that your academic application is complete, in order to apply for the scholarship as soon as the application period opens.
Please check our website regularly from then on. We thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

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