Application form KIT Scholarship Fund partial scholarship for applicant from Indonesia, academic year 2023-2024

Application deadline 15 March 2023

ATTENTION: Have you followed the previous steps of the application instructions? Have you uploaded all required documents in KIT Online application system? Please only proceed with filling in the form below if you have:

  • Are you accepted for the masters programme of your choice
  • Have additional funding to cover remaining costs (approx. 17.500 Euro)
  • Uploaded all required documents in KIT Online application system (proof funding, motivation, essay, etc.)
  • Read all detailed instructions in detail on the previous page.

    ATTENTION: Your application will NOT be reviewed and NOT be considered for the partial scholarship if your application file is incomplete, if you do not have enough proven additional funding or you have not followed all steps of the application. Only complete files will be forward to the selection board for the partial scholarship.

    Please note that no communication is possible about this opportunity. It is the applicants responsibility to make sure his/her application file is complete.
    Because of time considerations we will not be able to answer to individual mail questions about this opportunity. Thank you for your understanding.

    Remark: You are most welcome to also try to apply for other scholarships (as this makes your chances higher to be able to come to KIT). Should you be selected for another scholarships and KIT Scholarship Fund, do let us know so we can see how to arrange matters. If it is a scholarship that covers the remaining costs then we can arrange accordingly. If it is a full scholarship then the KIT scholarship can be given to the next candidate on the ranking list. (Visit for more opportunities, all deadlines soon!)