Many resources have been written on equitable partnerships, frameworks have been developed and guidelines published. This resources page provides an overview of some of these or links to other resources pages. Please note this list of resources is not exhaustive.

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Why Change the Way We Write About Africa

Africa No Filter

Guidelines for Knowledge Partnerships

Asian Development Bank

Knowledge Partnerships for an Innovative Future

British Council

The Future of U.S. Leadership in Multilateral Development Institutions: A Playbook for the Next 10 years

Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Research Fairness Initiative - an organizational learning tool


Decolonising Academic Collaboration: South-North Perspectives

Danish Institute for International Studies

Pragmatic Approaches to Decolonising Global Health in Africa: A guide for global health practitioners and organisations in High-Income Countries


#ShiftthePower: A Manifesto for Change

Global Fund for Community Foundations

BRIDGE – Bridging Research Integrity and Global Health Epidemiology

KIT Royal Tropical Institute

Agenda Knowledge for Development: Strengthening Agenda 2030 and  the Sustainable Development Goals

Knowledge For Development Partnership

The Politics of Knowledge in Inclusive Development and Innovation

Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation (KTI) group at Wageningen University

The Equity Tool for Valuing Global Health Partnerships

C Larson et al. (2022)

Decolonising your research

University of Exeter, the Doctoral College

A podcast from Kelly Preece about researchers, development...and everything...: R, D and the In-betweens

University of Exeter, the Doctoral College

Video: Participant responses – Decolonial Research Methods webinar series

National Center for Research Methods

Dream Paper: Shift the Power


Power Awareness Tool: A tool for analysing power in partnerships for development

The Spindle by Partos

The Efficiency Lab Lessons Learned: A guide to analysing the efficiency of development interventions

The Spindle by Partos

Consortium for Democratizing Academic Publishing and Knowledge

Penn State

Designing Knowledge Partnerships Better: Organization, People, Knowledge, and Technology for Learning

Olivier Serrat

Co-creation conference : Engaging in Knowledge Translation Together

Share-Net International

Equitable Partnerships Resource Hub


The role of funders in enabling equitable research partnerships for development (soon to be launched)


Shift the Power: Local Ownership of the Global Agenda

Vice Versa Journalism on Global Development