Videos on gender equality and woman’s rights


On January 16th 2014, over 60 participants working in gender, rights and development from DGIS, Dutch universities and NGOs attended a KIT Gender and WO=MEN sponsored Forum “Realising Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in a Neoliberal Era”. Interviews of the key note speakers and also interviews with the case study presenters are now online.


Transformative approaches

The forum provided an opportunity for participants to identify transformative approaches and practices that contribute to gender equality and women’s rights in an era of development policy being informed by economic growth agendas and new public management techniques.

Indepth dialogue

The stage was set by key note speeches of Wendy Harcourt and Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay. Presentations of case studies by HIVOS, Oxfam Novib, KIT Gender, Mama Cash and Saskia Vossenberg provided a rich basis for an in-depth conversation of opportunities and dilemmas of working on transformative change in the current era.

Wendy Harcourt

Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay

Other speakers on Gender at the Wo=Men conference