WeMakeThe.City Week at SDG House


Explore ways of creating more (circular) impact, discover the roof landscape of the future, meet global B Corp leaders or see the garden of the SDG House transformed into a (sustainable) food festival. The SDG House and its residents have a lot for you in store during the WeMakethe.City festival; the 5-day festival which will take place all over Amsterdam to find ways to makes cities better by tackling urgent everyday challenges in the urban environment.

Prepare yourself for a week full of inspiration, impact and explore possible cooperation at the events taking place in and around the SDG House. Find the full programming of WeMakethe.City here.


  • B Inspired by B Lab Europe: incredible stories from B Corp leaders and other global experts as they share how they are taking actions building a B economy.
  • B Fest by B Lab Europe: From the B Inspired you can move into B Fest; a free outdoor festival in our garden where you can enjoy food, music, drinks, B talks and the B Corp marketplace. An opportunity for all to experience to participate in a B economy!


  • Unlikely Allies: the Future of our Cities by Impact Hub Amsterdam: your chance to find out how Impact Hub’s unique ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, techies and creatives makes impact every day, by joining their celebration of 10 years impact making in Amsterdam and the world! Including a pitch event for ideas to make our city healthier organised by SDG House resident De Gezonde Stad.
  • A Compass for Circularity by Circle Economy: join Circle Economy at their new office in the SDG House for an afternoon of inspiration, leadership and exploring new ways of creating impact.
  • Rooftop Symposium by Rooftop Revolution: get to know new rooftop start-ups and innovations, learn more about the urgency and challenges in scaling up green and discover the roof landscape of the future! Rooftop Revolution and ROEF show that the roofs have unlimited potential for the city and its residents.
  • ROEF Festival by Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen: covering the most beautiful roofs of the city for your summer Friday afternoon drinks. Join the tour through the KIT-building, dance to the beats of the silent Tropendisco, and round it off with the BBQ at De Tropen.


  • We Feed the City by De Tropen café and restaurant and SDG House: Where does our food come from? Amsterdam is full of food initiatives working on a more sustainable, healthier and fairer food system. WeMakeThe.City would not be complete without a place for these food makers and innovators; We Feed the City!
  • We Feed the City also hosts two documentary screenings: Gender in Coffee, in affiliation with the World of Coffee Conference and Exhibition, and Closing the Loop.



SDG House is an emerging community of 50+ sustainability experts, entrepreneurs, media and NGOs who share a common purpose in their efforts to achieve one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDG House acts as a catalyst for sustainability initiatives – a place to meet, exchange ideas, and build partnerships for sustainability.