Working on a Global Strategy on Human Resources For Health


At the  Health Systems Research 2014 conference (HSR2014) the World Health Organization and the Global Health Workforce Alliance are currently having an open consultation on 8 background papers that will feed into a Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health, to be ready by 2016. KIT is a member of this group amd participated in a satellite session on Monday morning.

Lively discussions

Participants were asked to input into this process. There was a lively discussion in a knowledge café setting. Several topics were subject of discussion and for all these topics background papers have been developed; among others on the future of the health labour market, governance and leadership, models for education, accountability and data on human resources for health.

Bottom up approaches

Discussions also took place on improving  health worker productivity and performance  through standards, quality improvement and regulation. This group  adapted a framework developed by KIT in 2006. Another area of interest was building capacity beyond the health sector and the importance bottom-up approaches from community towards health systems strengthening. This closely links to KIT’s work on community health workers (REACHOUT) and on client-centred health systems. Lastly, a group discussed on human resource for health in fragile states, a topic KIT is working on in South Sudan.

Full information on the consultation process can be found here.

More information about Human Resource for Health contact Marjolein Dieleman and Maryse Kok